IFX EXPO which took place last week (25/5/2015) in Cyprus made numerous collaborations between leading companies and suppliers in the Forex Industry in Europe.

We, GBO International Financial Services Ltd., were very proud to take part in the International Forex Convention in Limassol, Cyprus.

We presented new products and new banking options to Forex companies, clearing companies and software companies, in particular options for opening bank accounts for Forex non-regulated companies.

The convention focused on technological developments and latest trends, new technologies, marketing and regulation, together with the continued growth in the Forex industry – platform/software enterprises, clearing companies, other technologies, related services, development etc.

The forex industry in Europe continues to show steady growth, as we saw this year from the hundreds of companies and suppliers from across Europe who attended the convention.

We, GBO International Financial Services Ltd., will continue to offer our customers new products combined with exceptional service and uncompromising professionalism.

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