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Payment Service Provider (PSP)

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* GBO offers the most innovative A to Z solutions for online Lottery websites including all arrangements for software, banking and corporate needs

Websites that use online lotto software give lotto players the opportunity to play their favourite lottery in the world without having to move away from their computer.
The online lottery service provides players with access to the highest jackpots around the world, through a network of local agents distributed worldwide to personally buy official lottery tickets on the player’s behalf at the local lottery booth according to their personal selection of lucky numbers.


One of the best and simplest ways to start your own lotto business is through a lotto software provider. Usually, online lotto software solutions offer a complete package for the online lottery website of lottery boards.

  • Online lottery software management system
  • Improved collection management system
  • Generation of detailed statistical reports
  • Secured game tracking and control

Unique features of the online lottery software


Option to connect to external CRM systems ( ZOHO or Salesforce and if necessary, possible to provide training).
Curacao Gaming license, also sublicenses to white labels.
0 days up and running including connecting to a PSP mobile version

White Label or API integration – 6 biggest lotteries (Euromillions, Powerball..) and 9 combination of lotteries meaning syndicates ( Possible to develop syndicates on request)

Leading lottery software providers

What is a lottery messenger service?


A lottery messenger service provides lotto tickets and services to clients from all over the world. The intention is that the lotto messenger company purchases lotto tickets for the clients via its agents who are located in all major countries around the world. Each lottery messenger has a network of agents who purchase the lottery tickets for you in official lottery spots in the country of your choice.

The lotto messenger buys the lottery tickets according to the client’s preferences and transfers the tickets to the client in one of two different ways

The lotto messenger service/online lottery software scans the tickets that are bought for the client and submits them into the client’s account. The client has full access to his account through the lotto service website and can easily view the tickets that were bought for him


The client can choose not to purchase the tickets physically through the messenger service but rather choose their numbers online. In this case the lottery messenger website has insurance for winning and the insurance pays the client should he win

Lottery white label provider using online lottery software

In today’s online lottery messenger industry it has become popular to use a white label site / ready-made platform. The lottery industry is growing fast and we can see that new B2B lottery platforms are bound to enter the market and make it possible for internet entrepreneurs to build new websites and structures quickly and efficiently.

GBO can offer you a full solution in order to set up a new lottery messenger website / white label lottery that includes forming the right structure for your company:

  • Lottery Messenger
  • Company formation
  • Where to incorporate the company


  • There are many jurisdictions to choose from – which one is the best option for a lotto messenger white label company?
  • Does the bank require a license or regulation to run a lottery white label?
  • Regulation – where to get the online license to operate the best lotto platform
  • Platform – we will assist you in choosing the right Lotto white label provider.


Mobile lottery platform -with today’s vast penetration of mobile devices in our life, it is absolutely a must to offer the ability to lottery players to play online lottery on their mobile phones & tablets. As such, we see that most of the lottery platforms do offer mobile versions. This means that you, the lottery site owner, will have the ability to accept mobile players to your mobile site, including all necessary plug-ins such as payment processing, live support etc.
Mobile lottery platforms are leading the market with state-of-the-art technology that fits perfectly to mobile devices, so before you choose your platform / software to run your site, make sure you know what the mobile version’s capabilities are. The most important feature of a mobile-friendly lottery platform is that it is easy for players to use and access from anywhere in the world. Mobile phones are going to stay here for a long time and the number of users is on the rise, opening a new area that hasn’t been possible before.

We have vast experience in serving B2B Internet companies from the Forex & Binary Options industry and eGaming Industry and we can see that in recent times the lottery industry has been rapidly increasing – just as the forex industry was a few years ago.
One of the main parameters is the increase of new lottery platforms that offer lotto White label solutions and this is exactly what is happening in the lottery messenger industry – there is growth in every aspect of the industry – white labels, PSP and marketing. Lottery messenger allows the client to buy tickets from the best lottery games around the world.

Online lottery software providers
Only websites that use certain online lotto software can provide their lotto players with the opportunity of playing their lotto games on their website without moving from their computer.
The online lottery service provides you with access to international jackpots around the world via a network of local agents located internationally who will personally buy an official lottery ticket on your behalf at the local lottery booth with the number that you have personally selected.
The online lottery software offers a complete solution for online lottery websites of lottery boards.

  • Simple and professional online lottery software management system.
  • Improved collection management system.
  • Generation of detailed statistical reports.
  • Secured game tracking and control.


Complete suite of solutions

  • GBO works with the best online lottery software, providing a complete suite of solutions and tools for online lottery businesses looking to expand their national and international userbase through proven multi-channel technologies.
  • The online lottery software providers offer full online lotto white label solutions including online lotto software, analytics, risk, insurance and all the necessary tools that will assist you to focus on marketing your online lottery site and generate revenue.
  • We only work  with the best lottery platform providers!


Online lottery software providers

The purpose of a lottery website is to offer players the opportunity to play the lottery anywhere in the world without having to leave the comfort of their computer.
The online lottery service provides you with access to the highest jackpots around the world, via a network of local agents distributed internationally who will personally purchase the official lottery ticket on your behalf at the local lottery booth with your personally selected numbers.

What are the Best Lotto Platform Solutions?
The best lotto platforms concentrate on providing your players with a highly enjoyable lottery gaming experience. However they should also providing you, as the service provider, with a quality lottery platform that facilitates a wealth of features and has extensive marketing features that will help you to attract players to your site. That will ultimately drive your business to new heights.
Common features to be found in the best lotto platform solutions typically include;
-An individual custom domain name
– Numerous Ready-to-Play themes
– Several different language versions
– A gaming sub license
– Accessible Customer Support
– An integrated payment method
– High SEO attraction value
– An attached affiliate system
– A respectively branded mobile site.


Keeping these factors in mind, GBO works with the best lotto platform solutions providers. Each of our exclusively selected providers offer a complete suite of solutions and tools for online lottery businesses looking to expand their national and international reach through proven multi channel technologies.
The top online lottery platform providers offer a full online lotto white label solution including online lotto software, analytics, risk, insurance and all tools that will assist you in your business so you can focus on marketing your online lottery site and generate revenue, doing things like implementing an online lottery affiliate program to generate leads.

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