Interview with: Mor Einhorn, COO of Lottonetix

1. ran david gboWhat has been happening in the lottery industry over the past year in terms of growth, new brands and new affiliates?
Looking back at the Lottery industry, up until 2015 we could see mostly B2C operators offering lottery services. Over the past year, we notice a growth in B2B companies, such as Lottonetix, offering online lottery platforms. As a result, we witness a chain reaction; more B2C brands and more affiliates developing new ways to generate traffic.

  1. What direction is the industry going in terms of growth?

Today the lottery segment has a 29% share of the global gambling revenue, but when focusing specifically on the online gambling section, we see that the lottery is responsible for only 10% of the revenues. The forecast is that this gap will be closing rapidly within the next few years, as the online lottery activity increases.

  1. Regulation What are the new regulations?

As of today, the online lottery regulations have not yet been established completely.
Until recently, the lottery messenger service was the most common in the market and did not require any particular license because it acted as a delivery service (and increased revenue for the national lotteries), but now that insurance companies have entered the game and are willing to insure the jackpots under their risk factors, it requires a gaming license. In some cases a specific local gaming license is required, depends on the targeted country and its regulations.

  1. Developments – What are the latest developments on the technical and marketing side?

Recent developments focus on connectivity between CRM platforms and affiliate systems in order to support sales and retention capabilities of call centers and online marketing verticals. We also notice efforts assembling new marketing strategies to the end user including bundle packages, syndicates and MLM products that rely on social media.

  1. What do you think needs to be done in order for a new brand to succeed?

A new brand needs to carefully focus on markets covered by local payment solutions and have the right strong lead sources that can be converted to sales. We usually recommend working with a call center for retention purposes in order to increase player value and establish a long-term player-agent relationship.
The new operator must have online marketing experience and choose his platform provider wisely, one that has a stable and strong technology and supports UI and UX for all devices: mobile, tablet, pc and land based machines.

  1. What is your company’s uniqueness?

Lottonetix supplies our partners a state of the art product that was tested and has a proven value. We offer turnkey solutions to all layers from technology to integration; back office and reports, CRM, affiliate systems, support platforms, retention tools and processing service providers.
Furthermore, we connect our labels to more solutions in order to generate a higher player experience and value; social gaming, online scratch cards, slot machines, live dealers and more.
Nevertheless, I would have to say that eventually it all goes back to our unique, diligent and devoted team equipped with great business instincts and experience which allow them to provide a huge range of solutions.

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