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We offer clients a full package of services in order to set up any online business.

The length of the entire procedure is based on two main elements: the location of the company registration and which bank the company decides to use to open a corporate bank account.

One can find many different types of companies running all sorts of various activities on the internet, but the common thread is that they all need an operational infrastructure that includes a registered company and corporate bank account.

We have had 100% success rate in forming companies and corporate bank accounts.

We can assist in the following industries

Advantages for opening a bank account for online companies

  • Make online business transfers.
  • Limitation of liability of the company.
  • High discretion – the name of the company appears on the documents and the domain.
  • Option of appointing a nominee director and nominee shareholders – in order to strengthen the level of confidentiality.
  • The possibility of future business development and signing contracts.
  • Virtual offices.
  • A range of payment methods as well as various ways offered to receive funds from anonymously charged cards.


many beneficial owners have the wish to remain anonymous and for that we offer the service of nominee directors and nominee shareholders in order to increase the discretion of the beneficial owners such that their names do not appear on any corporate documents or registrar. Contact us for more information on this topic.

The affiliates industry has been one of the leading industries on the internet for many years and has essentially contributed much to what we know as the internet today. Millions of websites deal with the marketing of various products and services and therefore we, at GBO have developed a unique structure for affiliate companies that enables the company to function in a liberal manner with no added banking concerns.

Affiliate websites are usually put into categories according to merchants (advertisers) and affiliate networks. At present there are no internationally accepted standards for the categorization. Below is a list of websites that are generic, yet are commonly accepted by affiliate marketers.

  • Marketing companies that are operated through PPC (pay per click ) in search engines
  • Content networks that run Media, adsense, promotion campaigns
  • E-mail marketing – using their database to send all types of offers to their subscribers
  • Shopping sites/online malls
  • Review sites of all fields including – tourism, games, transport, financial etc
  • Coupon sites
  • Leads – Sites and operations that generate leads

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