Interview with: Oren Mizrachi, Director of Crypto at Leverate

As Director of Crypto at Leverate, Oren Mizrachi is responsible for the company’s crypto and DLT endeavors, including product management, business development, R&D, and strategy. Oren brings with him vast expertise in the financial sector and trading markets.

  1. What direction is the Cryptocurrency industry going in terms of growth after the explosion of prices 6 months ago?

The crypto industry has reached a level of maturity and is now beginning to plateau. Traders and companies have sobered up – now that they have realized there is something valuable in this market, they are trying to figure out what are the opportunities, and how they can make the most out of the blockchain and DLT technology.
In terms of coins, we’ve seen consolidation: the big ones are still leading the way, many of the esoteric tokens have been wiped out, some of the lesser coins are being delisted, and the market cap is smaller (220B$). Also, there are increasing numbers of coins finding outlets on the big exchanges.
We are starting to see the first signs of adoption in the world of payments and deposit methods, especially in brokerages, gaming, and e-commerce.

  1. Regulation – how does Leverate cope with the crypto regulations?

Leverate is purely a technology provider, and as such it doesn’t have to deal firsthand with most of the regulatory issues that bother crypto companies. Since crypto is not regulated in most countries, we didn’t see any unique demands for specific regulation adjustments for crypto vs. what we’re used to from the FX world.
The areas of regulation we deal with for our customers primarily involve KYC and AML protection. However, as more distinct regulatory frameworks emerge, we will keep listening to our client requests in accordance with the rules of their countries of residence.

  1. What are your latest Cryptocurrency developments?

During 2018 Leverate has developed a wide variety of solutions for different segments of the financial markets. In addition to our already successful Crypto feed and our dedicated Crypto CFDs trading platform, this year we launched LXChange – a top-of-the-book Crypto Exchange that we offer as a white label solution to our clients, and Terrexa Wallet – an indpenedent Digital Wallet app.
And this month we’re taking our expertise to new heights with the introduction of Terrexa Pay – a unique Crypto-based payment infrastructure. Many brokers are struggling with insufficient payment infrastructure in their countries, or with restrictions regarding old-type payment methods. With our new solution, clients will be able to receive Bitcoin payments directly into their own wallet with no middleman involved, while Leverate monitors the activity and alerts clients in real-time about payments made.
An important feature will be our ability to provide the brokers with payer identification. Our system assigns a unique address to each transaction, and this allows us to identify the source of each payment. That’s something quite rare in this industry. This entire solution is complimented by an intuitive widget and a dedicated dashboard.

  1. Where do you focus your marketing?

Our products are primarily aimed at clients from Europe, Canada, and the English speaking countries in the APAC region, such as Australia and New Zealand. That’s where we focus our marketing strategies.

  1. Why work with Leverate?

As a major technology provider in the trading and financial markets industry, with offices around the world, we have the extensive and relevant experience to support our clients at all times, and in the best possible way.
We bring our proven expertise and know-how to creating the best services and custom-tailored solutions to our clients, so that they can deliver a top quality product. In general, Leverate is a well-oiled machine in the industry, and our priority is to maintain our position, while we keep innovating and developing.

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