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GBO offers a unique service by assisting with the acquisition of a Philippine e-Gaming License – Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) 

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  • Obtained many Security dealer licenses
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Why Philippine?

  • High demand from brokers
  • New gaming framework regulation
  • Becoming very popular by International gaming companies
  • Relatively low yearly maintenance
  • With a license, you can open bank accounts
  • The gaming industry is moving to regulation

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    About the PAGCOR gaming license

    • The government-owned and run Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is responsible for overseeing online gaming licensed in the Philippines but offered exclusively to non-Philippine residents.
    • Gaming is offered online via a network and software based in the Philippines but only offshore players are authorized to access the gaming websites. Approved players must be located outside of the Philippines and have an online gaming account with the Philippines license holder.
    • The authorized players must be non-Philippine citizens based in a country other than the Philippines. Foreign nations in the Philippines and Filipinos outside of the Philippines are forbidden to play on the e-game websites.
    • To make sure that all license holders abide by the PAGCOR rules and regulations the POGO monitoring task force will be appointed to monitor the activities, conduct surveillance and report violations. POGO task force members will be comprised on PAGCOR personnel; National Bureau of Investigation employees and Bureau of Immigration officials.
    • A Philippines offshore e-gaming license is no-transferable; not a vested right and may be cancelled or suspended at any time at  the discretion of the PAGCOR Board of Directors if the license holder violates the Philippines anti-gambling laws or does not abide by any of the license regulations.


    Fees for Offshore e-Gaming Operators:

    1. Application License fee:

    (a) Application for e-Casino operators US$50,000
    (b) Application for sports betting operators US$40,000

    1. License Fee:

    (a) License for e-Casino operators US$200,000
    (b) License for sports betting operators US$150,000

    Procedure for Pagcor Gaming License Application:

    First Steps: The procedure begins with a Letter of Intent being sent to PAGCOR’s Chairman and CEO. The operator’s wish to join the online gambling market in the Philippines should be stated in this letter, which should also contain all application materials for licensing.
    Required Documents: A Signature Card, a Business Permit, an Accreditation Certificate, and an Office Sketch are among the many documents that applicants must submit. These records are essential for proving the company’s validity and preparedness for conducting online gaming operations.

    Pagcor Online Gaming License Cost:

    Application Fees: $200,000 for an online casino, $150,000 for a sports betting website, and $300,000 for both depend on the type of business. Although these costs are high, they are seen as an investment in a market with great potential for profit.
    Evaluation Procedure: Each application is carefully examined by PAGCOR, which verifies the accuracy and completeness of the supporting documentation. Common problems like errors or missing paperwork may cause the application to be delayed or rejected.

    Pagcor License Online Gaming Process:

    Notification of Approval: Applicants are notified of the status of their applications following evaluation. If all the paperwork is in order and there aren’t any major problems, the approval process usually takes a few months.
    Maintaining Compliance: After a licensee goes operational, they have to follow the equipment standards and operational plans that PAGCOR has approved. To keep the license valid, compliance with rules and routine inspections are required.

    Extra Things to Think About:

    1. License holders must pay annual fees, the amount of which is determined by the size of their operations among other things. These expenses are a part of the continuous costs associated with keeping a PAGCOR license.
    2. Applications from abroad: As long as they follow legal requirements, PAGCOR accepts applications from online gaming operators based anywhere in the world.
    3. Penalties for Violations: Operators who violate the conditions of their PAGCOR license may be subject to fines or even have their license revoked. In order to guarantee an honest and reliable gaming environment, strict compliance is prioritized.
    4. The procedure is made to guarantee that only licensed and compliant operators join the Philippine online gaming market, upholding the integrity and standards of the sector.

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