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    Previous Curacao Sub License VS the New Curacao Master Gaming License

    Due to the evolution of Curacao’s gambling regulations, the previous sub-license system has been replaced by the new Curacao Master gaming License. This change demonstrates the island’s dedication to augmenting the credibility and integrity of its gaming industry. The previous sub-licensing system permitted operators to operate under the supervision of a master licensee. The new Curacao Gaming License, on the other hand, requires operators to obtain their own licenses, thereby ensuring a more transparent and accountable framework. This article explores the nuances of both licensing systems, emphasizing their distinctions, advantages, and implications for the global online gaming community.


    The difficulty is:

    1. The older Curacao procedure was renowned for its relative simplicity. The application procedure was simplified for many operators, including those with limited experience in the gaming industry, because applicants were not required to undergo rigorous checks.
    2. The revised procedure is more exhaustive and specific, requiring operators to meet higher standards. This modification parallels Malta’s rigorous process of due diligence, ensuring that only credible and legitimate operators are granted licenses.


    The costs:

    1. Old Curacao Procedure: The old system’s cost-effectiveness was one of its primary advantages. Due to its minimal application and maintenance fees, it became popular among startups and smaller businesses.
    2. New Practice: Even if costs rise as a result of increased regulatory oversight, it is anticipated that they will remain competitive. The increased costs reflect the improved services, regulations, and security that the new system provides.



    1. Old Curacao Procedure: With fewer reviews and a more streamlined procedure, the previous procedure typically promised quicker license approvals.
    2. As the licensing procedure becomes more comprehensive, mirroring Malta’s comprehensive review, there may be longer waiting periods. However, this ensures that each application is evaluated thoroughly.


    Security :

    1. Old Curacao Procedure: Basic safety protocols were in place, but there was room for development, particularly with regard to player protection and conflict resolution.
    2. New Procedure: Enhanced safety measures are the foundation of the updated system, ensuring the preservation of players’ data, fair gaming practices, and secure financial transactions.


    Distinguished reputation:

    1. Due to its less stringent regulations, the reputation of the Old Curacao Procedure varied, with some operators providing outstanding services and others falling short.
    2. By aligning itself more closely with international standards, Curacao seeks to enhance its reputation, ensuring that licensees are perceived as trustworthy and dependable.


    Regulatory Structure:

    1. Old Curacao procedure employed a one-size-fits-all approach in which a single license covered all forms of gambling.
    2. With the lessons learned from Malta, a more segmented licensing system is possible, allowing for specialized licenses based on the type of wagering service offered.


    Player Security:

    1. Old Curacao Procedure: Player protection was frequently inadequate, with few mechanisms for resolving complaints.
    2. New Procedure: A greater emphasis is placed on protecting players, ensuring they have access to complaint channels, and encouraging responsible wagering.


    Know Your Customer (KYC) & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Procedures:

    1. There were fundamental safeguards in place, but they did not always meet international standards.
    2. With a focus on global best practices, operators are now subjected to comprehensive AML and KYC checks, ensuring financial transparency and reducing fraud risks.


    Sub License:

    1. Old Curacao Procedure: “Master” license proprietors were permitted to issue sub-licenses, resulting in a lack of standardization among sub-licensees.
    2. New Procedure: The new system may restrict or regulate sub-licensing more stringently to ensure that all operators, whether primary or sub-licensees, adhere to the same high standards.


    The evolution of Curacao’s gambling license procedures demonstrates their dedication to maintaining a secure, trustworthy, and reputable gaming environment. However, as with any regulatory changes, it is essential for prospective licensees to remain informed and seek legal counsel to effectively navigate the requirements.

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