TechFinancials best features:

TechFinancials has been around since 2009 and aims to be the leaders of simplified online trading.

  • Fast-reacting platform
  • Easy to navigate
  • Supports over 10 binary options brokerages
  • Guided, easy-to-use design

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About TechFinancials

TechFinancials has positioned itself to act as the link connecting professional online trading with the wide mass market by providing innovative technology to its clients. Over the years they have acquired partnerships with the industry’s largest brokers, offering in-depth knowledge of the binary options industry in order to deliver premium trading.

  • TechFinancials is the first and only binary options technology provider to be listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market (symbol TECH).

TechFinancials is geared towards providing a simplified trading environment for both amateur as well as experienced traders.

Our Services

  • TechFinancials is unique in that it offers its clients the opportunity to trade binary options alongside forex and ladder options from one platform. Thus TechFinancials opens up the gateway to additional trading options. This is designed for brokers who may not necessarily have the vast knowledge required to trade forex, but with this simplified design, it is not necessary in order to reach the mass market.

  • TechFinancials offers what they term “option pricing,” which delivers accurate, real-time pricing. In addition, they have trading “on-the-go” which enables traders to connect via their smart mobile devices and trade in binary options, forex and ladder options in one platform. This is aimed to making the trading experience simple, convenient and accessible.