The Importance of Attending 2020 CBD Events

If you are in the CBD industry or thinking of starting a CBD business it is extremely important for you to attend CBD conferences being held in 2019/2020

If you are a CBD entrepreneur, we can assist you to set up a company, banks account, payment solutions and corporate services

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    Best CBD Conferences in 2019 – 2020

    11-12 October, 2019
    Denver, Colorado, USA

    This is a huge expo attended by members of the CBD industry. The expo includes panel discussions, fascinating presentations, workshops, guest speakers and about 200 exhibitors offering cannabis products. Diverse subjects will be covered at this expo including medical applications of cannabis, extraction methods and CBD edibles.

    CBD Expo EAST
    15-16 November 2019
    Orlando, Florida, USA

    Industry leaders will come together for this important expo where there will be innovative presentations and an expansive expo hall. Learn about the latest developments in the industry, see live demos, attend workshops and hear guest speakers.

    CBD Expo TOUR 2019
    October 2019 – 2020
    Colorado, USA

    At this CBD event you can mix with industry leaders and CBD innovators. It is the perfect place to launch your cannabis product to the community and meet the movers and shakers of the CBD industry. The expo floor will have about 200 booths; there will be expert speakers; panel discussions and participants from every sector of the cannabis industry including holistic, medical, regulation, investment and distribution. The organizers place emphasis on original, unique presentations.

    CBD Expo South 2020
    3-4 April 2020
    Houston, Texas, USA

    This expo focuses on CBD in edibles, medical CBD trends and the sale of CBD in major stores like Big Box. The exiting events at this expo include a mixology and beverage-infusion workshop showing you how to introduce CBD into your food and drink. Here you can attend a discussion on how to price your CBD products; managing distribution and increasing sales. Attendees will be treated to samples of CBD edibles created by top chefs. Read Medterra CBD Review

    Athens Cannabis Expo 2020
    January, 2020
    Athens, Greece

    This expo sets out to educate the public about cannabis products and the latest innovations in the CBD world. Including its use in pharmaceuticals. The most forward-thinking CBD companies will be attending and a wide range of CBD products and services will be presented from CBD cosmetics and cocktails to hemp clothing and medical CBD products.

    Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conferences 2020
    January 2020
    Miami, USA

    CBD Professionals, entrepreneurs and investors in North America gather for this excellent expo to network and glean new information about the industry. Here new connections are made and investors and innovators can meet for new collaborations. This is an event for the industry executives and decision-makers to find new opportunities.

    Asian Hemp Summit 2020
    31 January – 1 February 2020
    Gokarna Forest Resort, Napal

    This event is hosted by Hemp Today. Across Asia the hemp industry is expanding and rapidly advancing. For Asia this means sustainability, economic advancement and a healthier lifestyle. Attending will be leaders from the Asian CBD industry including those interested in the market like politicians, stakeholders, developers, environmentalists, retailors and private consumers and enthusiasts. The Asian market is growing exponentially and this event is the perfect place to get a foothold in the market.

    Cannabis Europa Madrid
    February, 2020
    Madrid, Spain

    As one of the most prosperous cannabis markets in Europe, Spain is an important venue for this expo. Here discussions will include legalization, which remains an issue on the Iberian Peninsula; medical cannabis; cannabis trends in Europe and the most recent innovative cannabis research.

    23-25 February, 2020
    Minnesota, USA

    The American Midwestern region is geared towards agriculture and is a billion-dollar industry that includes hemp cultivation. it is also home to the Mayo Clinic where a nonprofit academic medical center is focused on innovative new treatments. Minnesota is a fitting location for this event where agricultural and medical professionals from the region will discuss the latest trends in the ever-growing hemp industry.

    World CBD EXPO
    14-15 March 2020
    Mexico City, Mexico

    This CBD event focuses on the uses and benefits of CBD. It will be attended by buyers, vendors, industry professionals; consumers; entrepreneurs and consumers who have experienced personal success using CBD. Among the expo events will be seminars presented by experts; personal testimonials and presentations.

    ICBC Berlin
    1-3 April, 2020
    Berlin, Germany

    Attendees from across the globe will be visiting this event, the largest cannabis industry business-to-business event in Europe. You’ll be able to network with industry leaders and specifically those in the German cannabis industry. Top cannabis companies and agencies from the international market place will be here. Scheduled for the event is an exclusive After Party where there will be live musical performances; dancing; fun and plenty of opportunities to network and form new connections with other cannabis professionals.

    Cannatech Tel Aviv
    March, 2020
    Tel Aviv, Israel

    This medical cannabis event is being held in one of the world’s most innovative and creative cities – Tel Aviv, Israel, also known as the Start-up Nation. This annual event focuses on medical cannabis and is attended by top industry leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. There will be fantastic opportunities to network; riveting speakers and pitches given by the latest cannabis entrepreneurs.

    CannTech San Francisco
    7 May, 2020
    San Francisco, California, USA

    This will be Silicon Valley’s first major cannabis tech summit. The event has been highly curated to focuses on accelerating cannabis technology into the future by bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators, industry executives and investors. There will be a pitch contest where you can present your product and win a substantial cash prize. Speakers will include professionals from the cannabis and non-cannabis technology world.

    Vape Expo Japan 2020
    19-21 May, 2020
    Tokyo, Japan

    At this expo there will be a wide range of exhibitors from the vape sector as well as vendors and producers of various types of electronic cigarettes; devices; accessories; POD-type devices; atomizers and MODs; e-liquids. The 2020 expo will be held together with the Drugstore Health and Beauty Lifestyle Vision Expo. At this exhibition hall no nicotine or nicotine products will be smoked, sold or displayed. New products will be introduced and the exhibition will also be attended by large retail outlets; investors and start-ups in the vape industry.

    Cannabis Europa
    June, 2020
    London, UK

    At Cannabis Europa there will be over 80 speakers; panel discussions and experts in the industry. The focus of the event will include medical cannabis; the legal standing of cannabis in Europe; investment in the industry and the role of cannabis in our future.

    US Hemp Expos
    June, 2020
    Albany, New York, USA

    2020 is the third annual Eastern US Hemp Growers Conference & Expo. New York State is recognized for its excellent research facilities in the field of cannabis and its industry-friendly regulations making it an ideal setting for this event. This is New York’s only B2B event held in the state and dedicated exclusively to the hemp industry. Among the scheduled events there will be speakers including key government officials and hemp industry experts.

    Europe CBD Expo London
    26-27 June, 2020
    London, UK

    This is a consumer and business event where global brands will showcase the latest products; experts in the CBD industry will give their insights and scientific research into CBD. There will be more than 30 speakers and 80 exhibitors as well as thousands of attendees including representatives from the government, clinics, press, investors and medical professionals.

    China International Hemp Industry Forum
    July 2020
    Harbin, China

    The rapid development of the hemp industry both in China and internationally will be the topic at this international forum. One of the main purposes of this forum is to further collaborations between the Chinese cannabis sector and global companies. The event will welcome government leaders, leading hemp brands, technical experts, scientists, investors and retailors to discuss and analysis issues facing the industry. About 500 members of the global hemp industry are expected to attend.

    Cannabis Drinks Expo
    30-31 July, 2020
    San Francisco, California, USA

    At this event there will be many opportunities for members of the beverage industry to learn about the role cannabis will play in the future of the drinks industry. Among attendees will be beverage manufacturers, beverage brand owners, distilleries and breweries. The focus of the expo will be on how cannabis stands to impact the drink industry in the future.

    USA CBD Expo
    August 2020
    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    Last year this important event was held in Miami and following its success the 2020 event will be held in Las Vegas. At this event, representatives from top CBD brands, vape producers and vendors, holistic food producers and wellness experts will share their knowledge and make new professional connections. At this expo there will be an award ceremony where leaders in each sector will be recognized.

    August, 2019
    Dusseldorf, Germany

    This cannabis industry trade fair will be a major event where professionals will gather, not only to learn about new products but also to network and spread the word about their own innovations. Attendees will receive a goodie bag; there will be multiple food trucks and an exhibition floor where industry leaders like Plagron will be showing. The conference section of the event will include renowned speakers from many areas including activists, legal experts and medical experts.

    LCBC Europe
    5-6 September, 2019
    Berlin, Germany

    The focus of this event is medical use of cannabis and issues that will affect how we use cannabis in medicine in the future. Among the topics that will be discussed are cannabis in our culture and society; the latest trends; R&D; the legal standing of cannabis and the business side of cannabis.

    CannX Medical Cannabis Conferences Tel Aviv
    September, 2020
    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Get firsthand information about the latest innovations in the cannabis industry at this important event. Here you will have access to the most relevant information, opportunities and developments. Find out about ground-breaking research, the latest cannabis agricultural technology and get business insights into the cannabis industry. The event will be attended by scientists, clinics, investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers and industry leaders.

    Montreal Cannabis Expo
    October, 2020
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    Like-minded professionals from all areas of the cannabis industry will be attending this event including producers, job-seekers, investors, growers and healthcare professionals. It is Quebec’s most important cannabis event where all facets of the cannabis sector will be discussed. Join in the discussion on how the cannabis business in Canada can benefit from advances in the medical cannabis sector. The event will include a conference; packed expo floor and a showcase of the most recent cannabis innovations.

    Cannabizz Warsaw Conference
    November, 2020
    Warsaw, Poland

    This was the first ever cannabis business event in Poland and it is now in its 3rd year. The event has become a hub for all those involved in or thinking of getting involved in the cannabis industry in Eastern Europe. This event challenges Poland’s traditional conservative image. The public awareness of cannabis in Poland and Eastern Europe has increased and there is great potential in this market.

    By attending CBD events you will:

    • Learn about the corporate/financial side of the CBD industry – bank accounts, company formation and merchant accounts. Read more
    • Gain knowledge – learn about the most-recent innovations in the cannabis industry; listen to medical professionals speak about the uses of CBD in pharmaceuticals and find out about cannabinoids, medical cannabis and the legal standing of cannabis products in the U.K. and other jurisdictions. CBD conferences include product demonstrations that will offer insights into the latest CBD products on the market.
    • Get insights into the scientific inroads in medical cannabis – learn about cannabis science; glean knowledge from medical professionals and find out about the most current CBD scientific discoveries and testing of cannabis products. Find out about the benefits of medical cannabis; the correct dosage for each ailment; CBD for pets and the various ways of introducing CBD into the body.
    • Learn about the availability of cannabis – how are patients managing to get cannabis products in jurisdictions where it is not yet legal? Hear from activists; medical professionals; research scientists; cannabis advocates and government representatives who will discuss the current and future legal issues about providing patients with access to medical cannabis.
    • Build your brand – CBD conferences are the perfect place to build your brand and spread the word about your products and services. At CBD conferences you can cultivate new collaborations and present your cannabis product to your peers.
    • Network with other CBD professionals – With hundreds of professionals from the CBD industry attending CBD conferences in 2020 you will have the opportunity to make new connections; find investors; vendors and more.

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