GBO offers a unique service as a world leader with assisting with  acquisition of Vanuatu Forex licenses (VFSC – Vanuatu Financial Services Commission). 
Please note that as of 1.7.2017, the minimum capital requested  (the security bond) is USD50,000

Vanuatu Forex Regulation in 3 simple steps


Why work with us?


Obtained 25 Vanuatu Security dealer licenses

No hassle for you

Fast and low-cost procedure

You benefit from our vast experience

Dedicated professional account manager

Assistance with payment and banking possibilities

Why Vanuatu?


High demand from brokers

Easy to get

Fast and low-cost procedure

Low yearly maintenance

With a license you can open bank accounts

The forex industry is moving to regulation

We have helped dozens of clients apply and obtain a Security Dealer License in Vanuatu, which makes us a world-leader experts at offering brokerages some incredible benefits.

High demand from brokers from Asia – China, Philippines, S. Korea, etc and GCC

About the Vanuatu FX broker license

The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), which is the entity regulating and supervising the financial industry in the country, is responsible for issuing licenses.

In order to apply and obtain a Vanuatu Forex license, your company must first incorporate as a Vanuatu International Company. The process may take somewhere around 3 days and GBO is here to assist you in every step of the way.

Once the company is incorporated as a Vanuatu International Company, we submit the application for a Security Dealer License. The process for the Security Dealer License takes approximately 6-8 weeks. The license must be renewed annually by filling out and submitting a new application, with the associated fee.

The Dealers in Securities requires brokerages who establish their business in Vanuatu to hold a security bond of Approximately $50,000) held with the Registrar of the Supreme Court.

Vanuatu abides by the Prevention of Frauds Act, a very user-friendly act that allows individuals and companies to apply for a Securities Dealers’ License.

Please find below the definition of “Securities” provided by the Dealers in Securities (Licensing) Act [CAP.70]:

“Securities” means:
1. Shares in the share capital of a corporation; or
2. An instrument that creates and acknowledges the indebt securities that is issued by a corporation or a public office including:

a. debentures; or

b. debenture stock; or

c. loan stock; or

d. bonds; or

3. Certifications of deposit; or
4. A right, despite whether or not conferred by warrant, to subscribe for shares or debt securities; or
5. A right under a depositary receipt; or
6. An option to acquire or dispose of any security falling within any other provision of this Act; or
7. A right under a contract for the acquisition or disposal of the relevant securities under which the delivery is to be made at a future date and at a price agreed when the contract is made in accordance with the terms of that contract; or
8. The proceeds of Foreign Exchange or FOREX; or
9. The proceeds of precious metals; or
10. The proceeds of commodities


Holding a Vanuatu Forex license (VFSC Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) is very useful to brokerages as it allows them to buy, sell and trade investments like shares, options, bonds amidst several other instruments. The forex license also enables brokerages to manage investment portfolios on behalf of traders.
The business-friendly environment of the region makes it attractive to not only FX brokerages. Other investment and fund management institutions such as brokerage firms and hedge funds who have clients wishing to invest in securities not permitted in their resident jurisdiction or that require complicated and costly compliance steps, may find holding a Vanuatu Forex License very useful. By having a Vanuatu Forex License, these types of investments can be done through a brokerage incorporated in Vanuatu, licensed to trade securities, thus bypassing constraints existing in other countries in a legal manner. For example, a brokerage incorporated in the EU, holding a license there, can have an additional Vanuatu licensed company, which may act as a ‘market maker’.
Due to the low capital requirements that Forex brokers must meet in order to obtain a Vanuatu Forex license, even in comparison to other popular jurisdictions, such as Belize, the beautiful archipelago of Vanuatu is fast becoming a preferred jurisdiction for Forex brokers in search of regulation.


Vanuatu Forex license advantages

Medium minimum capital required (about $50,000).

No local office and/or employees are required in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu offers the the fastest forex regulation available on the industry.

Costs to obtain the Vanuatu FX license are low.

Having an official Vanuatu Forex license from Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC Vanuatu ) greatly improves a broker’s reputation amongst the trading community and it can boost traders’ trust, but there are many additional benefits. Besides the ease in which a Vanuatu Forex license can be obtained and the low registration costs, having a licensed brokerage can give you the credibility needed to easily open bank accounts internationally and establishing payment processing solutions. These benefits combined make having a brokerage licensed in Vanuatu a much more financially viable option for Forex brokerages looking to become regulated, but who do not have a large budget to do so.

Vanuatu Forex regulation: the new hot Forex license!


GBO has helped many clients around the world obtain licenses in various jurisdictions, such as Belize forex license, Bulgaria, Seychelles and CySec and we have a long track record of success. Further to that, our experience in helping clients obtain Forex licenses in Vanuatu has made us a world leader in the field. No other firm has the successful background experience that we have.

Why would you need us in order to obtain a Vanuatu FX license?

No other firm in the world has more experience in obtaining a Vanuatu FX broker license (VFSC Vanuatu).

We are experts in the Forex industry and offer a wide array of additional corporate solutions.

We have clients from all over the world

Back in 1993, the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission was established, enabling Forex brokers to obtain financial licenses from the Pacific nation. The ease in which licenses can be procured in Vanuatu as well as the favorable tax environment of the country (Vanuatu has no income tax, no capital gains tax and no inheritance tax!), has made Vanuatu an increasingly popular jurisdiction amongst FX brokers and traders.

Incorporating a Company in Vanuatu

here are a few reasons why Vanuatu has become a popular choice as a jurisdiction for registering a company. However it is vital that you understand the implications of a Vanuatu company formation and what this will mean to your business:

Limited Liability – by forming a Vanuatu company the burden of liability for all of the obligations incurred falls on the company and not on the shareholders. So unlike a sole trader or partners who would have personal liability for all business debts an incorporated business bears the liability rather than the individuals. This is the main reason people opt to form a company.

Company Act – The Vanuatu Company Act provides shareholders with a substantial amount of control through their voting rights on certain decisions, for example they can vote to remove directors of the Vanuatu company. In this way the shareholder can control the company without necessarily being involved in the day-to-day running of the company.

Continuity – A Vanuatu company can change ownership and employees can come and go while the company continues to operate until being removed from the company register. This gives clients the perception of continuity and inspires their trust. Clients will continue to do business with the company as it remains stable no matter the changes taking place within. Unlike partnerships where the business usually ceases to exist when one partner retires or dies.

Transfer of Shares – Selling or transferring Vanuatu company shares is a lot easier than selling a partnership interest.


Credibility – Clients view companies as more reliable, established and trustworthy than individual traders or partnerships. Formulating a company gives your business credibility in the eyes of clients and other third parties like lenders. Third parties know that when dealing with an incorporated business there is always information on record available to the public and the company is obliged to abide by certain rules under the Company Act. If a business is a registered company they are most likely overseen by a regulatory body and this inspires confidence in clients.

Here are the steps you will have to go through to Vanuatu company incorporation :

Selecting a Company Name
Choosing a company name is an important step. Your company name should be distinctive; relevant; unique and memorable. It is important to search through company names to verify that your chosen name is not already taken or too similar to an existing company name. Attached to the end of the company name will be LTD, Corp, Inc etc.
Decide your Modus Operandi
Decide how your company will operate. The Company Act states that you can run your company in accordance with a standardized set of rules or choose your own company policies. (Click here to learn more).
Learn about Legal Obligations
Educate yourself in the legal obligations which apply to shareholders and directors. It is vital that all those involved in your company (directors and shareholders) understand their legal responsibilities, obligations and rights. (Click here to learn more).
Vanuatu Company Formation
Companies incorporated in Vanuatu are required to file annual returns. For this reason it is important to keep your details up to date and allow the Vanuatu regulatory body, the VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) to continue to carry out their duties and provide service to businesses registered in the Vanuatu jurisdiction.
Advantages of incorporating a Company in Vanuatu:

  • Your Vanuatu company’s official name can be in any language (with a second official name translated into French or English) plus the appendage of Limited (LTD), Corporation (Corp), Incorporated (Inc.) etc.
  • The offshore company capital of companies registered in Vanuatu can be in any currency and of any amount. There is no minimum or maximum amount of share capital required.
  • Vanuatu companies must have a minimum of one director and one shareholder but their names are not made public.
  • The time it takes for Vanuatu offshore company incorporation is only 2-3 business days, with the corporation documents shipped within an additional 5 business days.


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