GBO can assist you with: 

  • Curacao gaming license
  • iGaming bank accounts in Europe
  • iGaming company formation
  • gaming merchant accounts
  • Gaming white labels and platforms

GBO is a highly esteemed and experienced company formation firm, having incorporated countless eGaming companies including White Label solutions. 
We provide assistance with  company formation + licensing  for e-gaming companies such as online casinos, affiliation, online bingo, gaming and more. We offer assistance with  company formation for such companies in a wide range of jurisdictions worldwide.
Licensing for: Online Casino | Online Lottery | Affiliates | Fantasy Sport | Bingo | Gaming | Applications | Slots
At present, the banking world may be weary of complex sites for companies in the gaming industry such as online casinos white lables, bingo, Lottery Messenger, sports gambling, poker and more. Due to our long-standing experience, we have gained much success in opening bank accounts for businesses in this industry.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]With regards to your company, we can assist with incorporate the company structure for a new Gaming company. The company structure is compiled of company formation, bank accounts, as well as connecting you to PSPs. We will assist you in choosing the best suited platform for your business requirements.
Questions we ask when finding the best banking solution for you
  • What is your precise business activity?
  • Is your company regulated or not?
  • Does the platform you use require your company to be incorporated in one particular jurisdiction?
  • Your company’s jurisdiction (if your company was not incorporated by us).
  • Type of web surfers your website attracts. Each company that we work with is unique in its own way such that it requires us to deliver innovative business solutions to assist your business in meeting the challenges of operating in today’s fast-paced international environment. We regularly review the best offshore banking opportunities for business purposes and will only recommend those which we believe to be best suited to fit your business requirements
Banking may be a sensitive issue for many online gaming businesses and white label sites, however due to our close working relationships with the numerous banks that we work with, the process of providing these companies with international banking services is made efficient and seamless.
* We take all these points into consideration to find the best banking option to accommodate all your business needs.

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