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We have a tremendous experience in online gaming operations and we can help you setup all the necessary corporate  and financial structures and acquire the necessary Curacao  online gambling license.

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    What is the online Curaçao e-gaming licensing authority?

    The government of Curacao provides casino operators, software and service providers in the e-gaming industry with a gaming license that allows gaming operators to conduct business relating to casino, lotto and other gambling-related activities.

    Gaming in Curacao is regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission, which is associated with the government of Netherlands Antilles. The jurisdiction is known to be one of the oldest, most reputable and highly respected in the online casino services industry.

    The regulatory body in charge of handling the Curacao Gaming Commission is known as the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA). Established in 2001, CIGA controls all online gaming operators and as a member of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) it is bound by its code of conduct.

    The Curaçao e-Gaming Licensing Authority strives to ensure that its licensees operate within the guidelines established by the Government of Netherlands Antilles and that standards of customer service are followed.

    Forming a new Curaçao company can enable companies to apply for an e-zone permit. Having an e-zone permit has specific advantages. Let GBO guide you in making the appropriate choice for your own operations.

    What is the level of Curaçao corporate taxing? 

    A BV company operating in Curaçao’s E-Zone today can pay a corporate tax rate of just 2%, with no restriction on the distribution of dividends. It’s essential, though, to get the structure right from the very beginning, so you should let our experts guide you from start to finish.

    What taxes apply to gambling operators? 

    Of all the major online gaming jurisdictions, Curacao offers the most favourable gaming tax provisions of any in the world. Most international e-gaming operators are double taxed. The GGR (gross gaming revenue) tax is levied on the net profit on the actual gaming (bets minus payouts), and can range as high as 25%. Next, companies are taxed on their own net profits (income minus expenditure) and are lucky if that can be lower than 15%.

    Curaçao does not levy any tax on gaming profit (or rather, the GGR tax rate currently is zero.) Companies set up with our guidance with the proper corporate structure only pay 2% tax on net profit, and can redeem 98% in tax-free dividends to shareholders.

    Curacao gaming license

    There are certain guidelines to be followed and requirements to be met for a company to receive a license from the Curaçao Gaming Commission. The company must submit all the necessary documents of the shareholder(s) for the Curaçao company to be formed. This includes an application for the Curaçao Department of Justice to proceed to conduct an investigation of the company and a request for registration with the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce as a locally formed legal entity. Once the investigation is concluded and all relevant documentation approved, a provisional license subject to a number of conditions is issued. One such condition is the ability to provide a set guarantee deposit. Generally, after submission of all application documents, it takes about a fortnight for the license to be issued.

    How long does it take to get a Curaçao online casino license?

    Using our expert service, the procedure for obtaining a Curaçao gaming sub-license is fast and efficient and can be completed in under 2 weeks.

    How to apply and do I need to apply for multiple types of Curacao gambling licenses?

    Applying should be done through us as we all the required knowledge and experience. It is only possible to acquire a sub-license in Curaçao, which covers all forms of online gaming such as online casinos, poker, sports betting, lotto etc.

    Curaçao e-gaming license costs:

    We offer competitive fees and fast incorporation. The charges for obtaining the license are divided into several categories:

    • Incorporation of a holding company for the sub-license. The incorporation process includes company formation, drawing up corporate documents, payment of all government fees, getting corporate documents registered and stamped, and relevant courier charges.
    • Please note that the company license must be renewed annually. Renewing includes annual maintenance fees such as government fees, resident agent fees, registered office costs etc.
    • Acquiring the gambling sub-license for Curaçao – including all procedures – set-up fees, annual sub-license fee, annual due diligence fee and annual database backup hosting. Contact us for full details of all costs involved.
    • Other services we offer. You can also select from optional services such as providing a nominee shareholder and/or nominee director. The cost for these is added to our quote.
    • Payment services and banking – we can assist you with your merchant payment needs. Each online gambling operation must have the ability to accept and repay funds from end-user players. This is the most basic aspect of running your Curaçao online casino. Our service assists with opening an account for wire transfers from users, and assistance with opening merchant accounts in top banks in Europe and Asia. (This is an exclusive and unique service!)

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    For a price offer for a Curaçao gaming license. Thank you!

      More about setting up a gaming operation in Curaçao

      Details of the license regulations, what you get when you buy a license, and how we can help you.

      Q. How do I get a Curaçao gaming license?

      A. Your application will be for a sub-license, which grants you all of the necessary rights to operate in Curaçao. You can provide the following gaming actions:

      • Sports Betting
      • Casino Games
      • Bingo
      • Slot Machines
      • Video Poker
      • Other card games
      • Lotteries

      Q. How do I get a gambling license in Curaçao?

      A. We are here to help you negotiate the necessary steps. As long as you have followed all the correct procedures, you should be up and running within a few weeks.

      Q. How are Curaçao’s gambling laws set

      A. The laws regulating the gambling industry are set by the authorities of the Government. These currently are managed by the Curaçao Gaming Control Board 

      GBO provides all the necessary advice and guidance relevant to the laws of Curaçao when our customers are setting up their operations.

      Q. What must I know about the Curaçao gambling commission

      A. The commission is established under the Curaçao Minister of Justice and is known as Curaçao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA).

      GBO provides all the necessary advice and guidance about the functions of the  Commission when our customers are setting up their operations.